Gabriel-Glas Bundle – Set of 2 Plus Stand’Art Edition, w/Microfiber Wine Glass Towel


  • Bundle of 2 items including a set of 2 glasses Gabriel-Glas Stand’Art and a Microfiber Wine Glass Towel
  • The amazing “One for All” glass is perfectly shaped for all types of wine: white, red, sparkling and dessert
  • Wine enthusiasts love it – the shape of the glass bring out the flavors of each wine for maximum drinking pleasure
  • Made in Austria, highest quality lead-free Austrian crystal
  • Weight: 5.1 ounces (145 grams) | capacity: 8 oz
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Gabriel-Glas Bundle w/microfiber Wine Glass Towel

Why bother with a different glass for different varieties of wine when the “One for All” Gabriel-Glas is designed for every style of wine? Such is the contention of the renowned Swiss wine critic René Gabriel, the creative genius behind the Austrian-made Gabriel-Glas a perfectly shaped glass designed to highlight the bouquet of white, red, sparkling and dessert wine.

The Gabriel-Glas, new to the American market, is the ideal shape to complement any wine. The broader base of the bowl of the glass is a “bouquet-driver.” The slightly conical design concentrates the aromas and delivers them to the consumer for “unbelievable wine enjoyment.”

The Gabriel-Glas is elegant, sturdy and dishwasher safe. And it’s a space-saver too.

What’s more important to the wine enthusiast: a cupboard full of glasses in all sizes and shapes, or a good supply of the “One for All” Gabriel-Glas and cellar full of wine?

Driven by a lifelong passion for wine, Austrian entrepreneur Siegfried Seidl and renowned wine critic René Gabriel have collaborated to create a glass of uncompromising quality, yet affordable.

Gabriel-Glas is made of the highest quality lead-free crystal, produced near Salzburg, Austria.

The Gabriel-Glas Bundle features a set of 2 glasses Gabriel-Glas Stand’Art along with a Microfiber Wine Glass Towel!


Bundle Gabriel-Glas
Gabriel Glas

Large on Your Palate:

We designed the shape of our glass to allow for the wine to flow freely onto your palate with a focused, rather than defused, distribution of wine normally created by bulbous-style wine glasses. This provides for perfect extraction of the wine, balanced between the acidity and its sweetness. Because of the broader base and narrow opening of the glass, the wine flow is more broadly distributed in the Gabriel-Glas in contrast to many other glasses. Gabriel-Glas delivers wine to the palate in a manner that expresses even the most subtle flavors.

The Feel:

Every millimeter of this glass has been designed with purpose, starting with the foot of the glass. The absolute flatness of the bottom gives it stability. The weight of the foot determines the balance of the glass in your hand. The combination of the length of the stem and its barely perceptible x-shape makes holding this glass in your hand a pleasure.

Gabriel Glas
Gabriel Glas

The Bouquet:

The glass was designed so that the opening is subtly orientated inwards allowing for optimum bundling of bouquets. When experiencing the wine with your Gabriel-Glas, the semi-volatile substances are mixed with the lighter scents like a wave breaking at just the right time. This phenomenon has never been possible with a traditional wine glass.

Proximity to Your Nose:

The gently tapered shape, similar to a funnel, becomes an extension of your nasal passages so that you experience the full extent of the flavors and aromas of wine served in Gabriel-Glas. The 66 millimeters width of the mouth of the glass is engineered as exactly the right size for maximum olfactory pleasure. In exhaustive R&D leading to our ultimate glass design, we found that too small an opening blocks flavors and if it’s too large they can completely disintegrate. The precision of this glass provides the greatest expression of the complexity of the wine and subtle aromas of the bouquet.

Gabriel Glas

The Gabriel-Glas Bundle Wine Glass Features:

Bundle Gabriel-Glas
Bundle Gabriel-Glas

The Gabriel-Glas Bundle includes 2 items: a set of 2 glasses Gabriel-Glas Stand’Art and a Microfiber Wine Glass Towel.

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